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Safety precautions for small loaders
Article source: Qingdao Island Yu Release : 2017-08-17 Pv:
1. loader working distance is not too large, exceeding the reasonable distance, by the dump truck with loading operation. The volume of the truck should match the capacity of the bucket.

2. the loader shall not operate on the site where the inclination is greater than the factory yard. No obstructions or non personnel are allowed in the work area.

3. loader operation site and road should be flat. In Shifang construction site operations, should be added in the tire protection chains or steel chain plate straight side tire.

4. before the operation, the key inspection items shall meet the following requirements:

1) lighting and audio equipment is complete and effective;

2) fuel oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil meet the requirements;

3) the connections are not loose;

4) hydraulic and hydraulic transmission system without leakage;

5) steering and braking system is sensitive and effective;

6) the tire pressure conforms to the regulations.