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    Qingdao Daoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern company specializing in R & D, production, sale of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other professional equipment. The company has established advanced management system and has advanced management concept. In the long-term management process, a unique enterprise culture has been formed. The company's employees have clear goals, unity and cooperation, efficient and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising. In the realization of the company's goals, it also embodies the value of self. The company always regards quality as the life of the enterprise, pays attention to the development and innovation of science and technology, has strong R & D strength, and pays attention to the exchange and cooperation of international technology, and has introduced all kinds of advanced technology and technology at home and abroad.

    The company has always pursued the management tenet of "quality first, reputation first", constantly improving the technological process, improving the technical level, improving the product performance and improving the quality of the products, so that our products have won the praise of the users. Products are exported to various regions and exported to Russia and many other countries and regions.

    The company can follow the pace of the times, forge ahead, establish a perfect information service network, transmit the supply and demand information to the customers promptly and quickly. At the same time, the company has also formed a superb after-sales service team, the service mode is flexible, the service means are varied, and the customers are satisfied. The main products are: DYZL-910, DYZL-918, DYZL-920, DYZL-926, DYZL-932, DYZL-938, DYZL-939, DYZL-948B, DYZL-948 type loaders, DYZL-940 type high arm grain loaders, DYZL-940, DYZL-918 type grower, DYZL-946 type 360 degree rotary forking machine, DYZL-948 type wheel broken hammer and FC15 and FCl0 type loader Motor Dump trucks, forklift truck. Products are widely used in construction, road construction, mining, factories and rural construction sites.

    Mr. Jing Yongxiang, the company manager and all the staff, will welcome every new and old friend's presence with excellent product quality and reasonable product price.