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Operating small loaders notice
Article source: Qingdao Island Yu Release : 2017-08-17 Pv:
Operation should be carried out before the inspection of small loaders, tire pressure, the hydraulic pipe joints, hydraulic control valve is normal, the lubrication parts are missing oil, etc., to confirm the normal before you can start.

Homework should always pay attention to the situation around the person, especially in reversing, we should pay attention to whether there are pedestrians after the car, during the operation, no one is allowed to get on and off, especially prohibited sitting or standing on the bucket and rack. Don't lift the bucket too high while the small loader is in the empty bucket

On a rough field, it is forbidden to lift the bucket to the highest position when driving or turning on uneven ground.

No warranty shall be carried out on the ramp, no turning, reversing or parking on steep slopes, and the bucket shall be ground when the slope is turned off. After the brake is firm, start again.

Night work, on-site lighting should be complete and well.

When the operation is completed the small loader parked on the flat ground, and the bucket fell on the ground, hydraulically controlled hydraulic cylinder should be retracted, the lever is in the middle position, cleaning, lubrication and shut the doors and windows.